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About us

UAB (LLC) Savasties logistika is a young, professional and rapidly growing company. It‘s main goals are: to meet the highest requirements and to provide qualified assistance in the area of logistics, to help our clients in expanding their business by effectively organising and providing long term logistic services of the highest quality. To us the biggest proof of success is a long term collaboration and happy and satisfied clients.

UAB (LLC) Savasties logistika is a team of professionals with a unique way of thinking and an ability of making fast decisions.

The well-developed net of partners abroad allows us to offer a fast delivery of cargo for a reasonable price at any time in any European or CIS country.

Team goals

  • Long term collaboration and creation of beneficial relationship to both sides;
  • High quality of provided services; prompt service;
  • Acceptance of new challenges and their implementation;
  • Reliability;
  • Flexibility;
  • Seeking to become one of the lead logistic companies in Lithuania.

We are constantly looking for professional specialist who, with their ideas and talent, will contribute to the rapid growth of the company!

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